Gear Swap Rules

The Official Rules of the WCS Gear Swap

The gear swap is a great way to get used gear.  If you are just getting into winter camping, buying used gear is a great way to start out.

Forms will be available in Mitchell Basement all weekend.  The sooner you list your gear, the more folks will be able to see it and bid on it.

For each item, place the minimum dollar amount that you are willing to sell your gear for.

Please describe any flaws, alterations, or damages for any items that you are listing.

Bids must be in $1 increments or more.

If you place a bid, you cannot change it.  For example: You make a bid $20 higher than the last bid and win, you may not cross it out and drop it down to just over the last bid.  Doing so is considered very unethical.   

If you are buying or selling gear, you must be downstairs in the Mitchell Basement at the end of the gear swap.

Try to keep everything that you are selling together to make transactions easier for everyone. 

Please remember what you have bid on- if you are bidding on mulitiple items, please keep notes and check to see if you have placed a winning bid.

We will set a time which will end all bidding.  We will have a countdown to that time.

After the gear swap has ended, find your gear and look for buyers. 

This is supposed to be a fun event, please keep it that way.  You get what you get and you don't throw a fit.