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    How does everyone make their coffee while winter camping?

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    For the last ten years or so I only drink a cup or two of coffee a day, as long as it is really black. Like espresso black.
    I had a little stainless french press pot that I used for years, then switch to a small Bialetti Moka Pot, which works great but is on the heavy side.
    But for the last 3 years I've been using an Aeropress or an Aeropress Go.
    The Moka or aeropress are great, but not for all day coffee drinkers or group camps.
    I'm always solo and like I said a cup or two, so it works good for me.
    If I want a warm drink beyond my two cups I will occasionally brew a cup of tea, which is nice because it's warm, but I've never really fully acquired a taste for tea.

    Edit: for some reason when I tried to post two photos and two captions it said I was over the 10000 character limit. I can get pretty wordy at times, but I'm positive my captions were not THAT
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      I use the same coffee kit year round so my summer light weight backpacking bleeds into my winter haul.

      For me the Starbucks Via Roast (I am a fan of the light roasts) is frankly pretty good.
      Click image for larger version

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      I think it is as good if not better than what many restaurants serve. The price is not bad too. I buy in Canada and usually the cost is less than $1CAD per packet so about $1.70 for my two packet breakfast.

      If on a luxury trip with friends sometimes I vacuum seal pre-ground portions and use it with the Aero press.

      Sometimes we also bring some sweetened condensed milk. We can find it at the European Markets in a squeeze tube but now we mostly decant a small can into a couple of small (2oz) bottles. We have never had spoilage even after a couple weeks in the summer.


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        Starbucks via packets on mobile trips. Plastic pour over when base camping.


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          my 6c perc does it for me! (or 12c for more people) I grind my particular poison fresh before leaving, bag it and wrap the bag around the stem to save space. At camp I use my one burner to brew it to whatever strength I want- roofing tar in the morning, light at night. I've tried everything from a fancy bodum to those abominable coleman drip makers, and even various "mugmate" style filters, but always seem to go back to the perc for it's convenience and simplicity, and the perc does double duty as a boiler for soup or dehydrated meals.


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            Porlex mini coffee grinder and Snow Peak Ti french press


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              Originally posted by Bkrgi View Post
              Porlex mini coffee grinder and Snow Peak Ti french press
              Hey, me too! Though I usually leave the grinder at home... and often the french press doesn't make the cut either, because I hate washing dishes -- I'll just bring good quality, finely ground coffee and brew it right in my mug. The grounds will settle to the bottom of the cup, and all you have to do is watch those last few sips...

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                2 cup pour over Coleman for me, easy cleanup with the paper filters, can adjust the coffee strength and the filter burns after drying.


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                  I also bring a Moka Pot. A smaller one, just enough for my solo trips. Really packs a punch. I also bring some Starbucks Via, for an extra cup or two or for when I want to get moving earlier in the morning.