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Make at home, freeze, heat up in tent Recipies

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  • Make at home, freeze, heat up in tent Recipies

    One recipe that I enjoy making at home and then wrapping in aluminum foil to be heated up over the wood stove is Pasta Frettata. When I make it I add a bit more noodles to give it some structure. But it packs well, is really filling especially if you add bacon, and all you have to do is toss it on top of the wood stove.

    I know a lot of people will make chili ahead of time and freeze it. Are there any other recipes that you all do for easy meals at camp?

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    I usually make a white chicken chili at home. I divide it into quart bags (two cups per person) then freeze it.
    Here is the recipe I use. I will use 2 cans of jalapenos instead of green chilis.


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      I do this with bacon, I cook my bacon, wrap in foil portioned out for each day. No grease spatter on the tent. I make a lot of bannock.