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A Touch Chilly on the North Shore

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  • A Touch Chilly on the North Shore

    The guys and I spent another winter trip in a proper cold snap (by Nebraska standards) hot tenting in Crosby Manitou SP (Site 21) along the North Shore of Lake Superior just beyond Finland, MN, the result being a somewhat tongue-in-cheek musing on Type 2 fun and an overly-dramatic retelling of the adventure. In truth, most things went according to plan, with just enough deviation as to make recounting it all the more fun. Successfully pushing our sleep systems to new lows was a thrill. To ice the cake, it was February...during a newsworthy Polar northern Minnesota (where, incidentally, forecasts appear to be more suggestive than predictive). We even pushed the trip back a week due to said forecasts, which accomplished little more than us going a week later. All told, we had a great time, made some golden memories, learned a heap, enjoyed listening to the lake ice pop and crack at night, and finished it off with the obligatory and much-anticipated soak in the hot tub back in Duluth. Thanks a million to everyone who helped provide information and suggestions on the park! It is truly a gem, and reminds me a great deal of the park I frequent weekly in the Loess Hills of southwest Iowa. We also took the advice to haul in a second load of local hardwood, which provided for nearly all of our firewood needs, aside from cutting it to length and splitting it down further. All told, that route was less work for better wood. Two pulks full of wood does a body good.

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    Here's a couple of random pictures, including one of my Hults Bruk axe named after Kisa, the town my great-grandfather was from, as well as the traditional spoon my sister gifted me for Christmas.
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      Love the tone and message of your narrative, and the images you chose. Just great. Watched it three times ...... so far

      Thanks to you, 4esTrekker!


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        Thanks, Undersky. With temps in the 50’s here today, the snow is melting fast and I’m wishing I didn’t hafta put the toboggan away for the season. We can get pretty good March snows here in NE, so here’s to one more snowy camp yet this year. Either way, we’ve got a few more hot tent outings planned for our neck of the woods in the coming weeks. I do already miss the rhythm of crackin’ cold, though.


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          Great. Looks like a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing 4estTrekker