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Hello from northern Minnesota

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  • Hello from northern Minnesota

    I have a little experience, but still have lots of questions and figured I might find some answers here! Mostly one night dispersed solo hammock camping.

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    Great to have another hanger....welcome


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      I dabble in hammock camping. I've got a lot to learn. I sure do get great sleep from the hang.


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        Howdy to a fellow hammock hanger! Definitely my favorite way to sleep in the piney woods.


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          Hey there, I picked up a few hammocks 2 years my daughter has my warbonnet bridge and UQ....I'm trying the Chameleon with the UGQ 0F UQ and a loco libre 10F TQ which I burnt holes in last week when i messed up and touched the hot stove in my TP.
          Still trying to get comfy on my back being a belly sleeper....enjoy the winter..


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            I tried again hammock camping. Temps were 12f, no problem with that. Quilts were great. But 3 x’s bathroom run and getting back into the hammock I must have done something to the suspension and I was tilted for the rest of the night.
            I missed my tent and ground hugging.
            posting gear on hammock forum this weekend. I tried.