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    Ended up getting a new pup recently and plan on having him go with me on winter trips. Any tips, tricks, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Extra food, booties, ground insulation, blankets......?

    Hes a Husky/Blue Heeler mix. Ideally he should love it.

    Share some winter camping dog picture also!
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    I'm interested in this as well. I am a first time dog owner, I got my dog Joe (a 40lb brittany) just last year as a three year old. I'm hoping to take him out this winter as well. I thought I'd cut up some foam to fit in his crate and then toss a few blankets in there for him to sleep on and stay warm. Maybe wrapping the crate with an extra blanket would be a good idea as well?


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      First, let me state that I'm no expert here so feel free to take my comments for what they're worth to you. I too want to take my dog on a winter overnight. She's almost 5 and does well overnight in our shelter but we've only been out during the warmer months. To get your dog ready, do you know how they will tolerate the cold? At least in my case I know our dog loves being out in the winter. I've had her out in -15 F and she's been fine as she has a thick double coat of fur to keep her warm. That said, I do have a fleece jacket for her that I use as much to keep her belly from developing snowballs on her fur while out. I've never used booties with her as she seems fine without them but again, we've only done day trips. In the end I'd suggest you take your dog out for some extended day trips to see how it handles the conditions. If all goes well, then you can introduce an easy overnight. My plan this year is to try that somewhere local, and relatively close to my truck, so I can bail if she indicates she's uncomfortable. A long time ago a friend said to me that having a dog along on a trip is like having a toddler; you constantly have to pay attention to them and their needs. In the end your trip may not be as relaxed as you'd like but I'm sure you'll enjoy the company.

      That's all for now. Take care and until next well.



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        I used to take my dog "Betty" winter camping (passed away last year). She was a Malamute/black lab mix. Looked very similar to a boarder collie with a malamute head.

        From my experience it really depends how cold it really is and how acclimated the dog is to the cold. Their feet seem to suffer the most. Ice build up and trying to keep booties on can be a pain if they're not used to it. Start slow and more on from there.

        I made a bed out of high density foam for the floor (vapor and thermal barrier and used a wool blanket as the bed itself. Worked well.

        I did make her a coat and booties, booties did not last.