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    Like many here, I cannot wait for Winter! That being said, what are some of your favorite spots to Winter Camp? For me, it is the North Shore of Lake Superior, and the BWCAW. I also enjoy a quick trip into our many State Forests. Let us know some spots that you love!


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    Its a far drive for me but I really love BWCAW, Chequamegon national forest. I'd really like to get to know the UP a bit better.


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      I’ve always wanted to try winter camping in Arizona.
      Up to now, superior National Forest in northern Minnesota is my main destination, with my backyard as a possibility as well.


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        McCormick Tract Wilderness Area, Ottawa NF in the UP. Level trails through a beautiful area in the Huron Mountains. Lots of lake effect snow and remote lakes and streams. [URL][/URL]
        Sylvania Wilderness Area, Watersmeet, MI. [URL][/URL]
        Washburn County forest, WI. The lakes surrounding the site of the Winter Camping Rendezvous. Area can be accessed off Birchwood fire lane (plowed all winter). If you leave a car along the lane, contact the Washburn Co. Sheriff's office to let them know. Lots of small lakes with LOTS of standing dead hardwoods (maple). [URL][/URL]


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          While I'd love to enjoy the winter wilds of the mid-west, I still enjoy my time in the Adirondacks & Catskill regions of NYS. I still need to explore the Tug Hill Region as well so there's a lot in my home state that I still need to check out. Not having to drive more than a couple of hours to reaching these areas is a real benefit as well. While we don't have a lot of "lake country" to pull a pulk or toboggan along, with careful trail selection you can avoid the longest and steepest of grinds so fun is still a part of the equation.

          That's all for now. Take care and until next well.



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            Hey Lonelake - my thoughts are similar to yours, but just on the northern side of the border! Some amazing experiences along the Superior shore... Have not visited BWCAW/Quetico in winter (lots in summer), but there is a lot of crown land to explore up here and many smaller river systems to try out. Always looking for new loops off the beaten path!