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Be careful out there.

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  • Be careful out there.

    Thoughts to the family and friends of this woman. Rest in peace.
    Embers wrapped in tinfoil and used as a source of heat led to the death of Salmon Arm woman Lucille Beaurain inside a tent over the Victoria Day long weekend…

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    Oh my! What a sad and preventable disaster for that family.
    Very glad to read that the other, younger occupant of the tent survived.

    Although it seems counter-productive to holding on to the beautiful heat of a hot tent when it is sleep time, without question it is vital to open the peak venting and ensure that there is open floor-level venting before opening the draft and damper to let that stove burn itself out. The cooling tent with you in it is still warmer than the outside air and so will itself act as a chimney venting any back drafted CO and CO2 up and out of your sleeping space.

    Basic rule for me: if I can feel a little cool air moving past my face as I go to sleep then I'll wake up fine in the morning.

    Thanks for posting this reminder, johnnyg08.


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      I wish people would just take a Nalgene bottle and fill with hot water, wrap in a sock or something for that extra heat source during the works so well.

      Wood stoves I never worry about as it is always drawing/venting so long as the chimney or a spark arrestor does not plug up and yes keep a vent open in the tent

      Good post though as a reminder to be safe


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        In case the link disappears some day, I'm copying the text of the article here because it's that important:

        Article Nov. 18, 2020 Vancouver Sun - Journalist David Carrigg

        Embers wrapped in tinfoil and used as a source of heat led to the death of Salmon Arm woman Lucille Beaurain inside a tent over the Victoria Day long weekend last year.

        B.C. Coroner’s Service coroner Wendy Flanagan reported that Beaurain, 35, and her young daughter, Micaela, were camping with friends near Salmon Arm on May 17. Beaurain went to sleep in the tent at 12:15 a.m. on May 18.

        In her report, Flanagan said that friends went to the pair’s tent at 10:20 a.m. and found them unresponsive.

        “Ms. Beaurain was immediately removed from the tent and emergency services were notified. Resuscitation efforts were not undertaken as Ms. Beaurain was clearly deceased,” Flanagan wrote. “A cooking pot that contained cold, burnt embers wrapped in tinfoil, that had been used as a source of heat, was located in the tent.”

        Micaela Walton survived.

        A Provincial Toxicology Centre analysis revealed Beaurain’s carboxyhemoglobin levels were at twice the rate generally considered toxic. Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas emitted by burning fuel, including gas and wood.

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