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    Originally posted by kiggy View Post
    nothing wrong with cold camping. dress properly, have good eat, stay hydrated. good ground insulation and double bag system. make big fire and enjoy the outdoors
    mec renting 4 seasons bags/pads if you don't have own.

    another option is rent hot tent
    $75 CAD for day for tent/stove combo
    Algonquin has yurts for rent as well, just to get an idea if you like winter camping
    Thanks I have most of the setup to do cold camping even an old four season tent ((but it's a little leaky!) I shy away from renting because it seems expensive - 4 days would be 300.00 and 300.00 can buy a nice piece of kit.

    I am starting to lean more towards maybe trying cold camping as I have seen plenty of people do so on youtube and it doesn't seem quite so daunting. I have a -30 deg winter bag and prob could do with my old four season tent as long as their's no rain/freezing rain in the forecast...


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      Even I own hot tent , sometimes I prefer to do cold camping. as it is lighter gear, kind of more challenging and I tend to spend more time outdoors
      Rain/freezing rain will make any winter trip less enjoyable.
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        If you do decide to buy some hot tenting gear and go with a Kni-co stove, check out Bass Pro since you live in the GTA as their pricing is the cheapest I have found in Canada. For tents, Atuk and Esker are a couple of Canadian brands, but they are around the $1000 range for 1-2 person sizes. I've been doing hot tenting for a few years now on snowshoe trips and highly recommend giving it a try. It's a great experience if you enjoy the outdoors in the winter and want a bit of comfort.