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Thanks WCS 2021 Team!

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  • Thanks WCS 2021 Team!

    A huge thanks to the whole crew that made the WCS 2021 happen! We had an absolute ball meeting some remarkable (and humble) people, learning something new at every turn, and taking in best autumn had to offer. Below is a link to a small online photo album I’ll be updating over the next few days. I didn’t have much time to shoot photos (and wish I had shot some of the amazing tents/camps instead of just mine) but there’s a few fun ones in there nonetheless. Again, many thanks to everyone involved, and for making us Nebraska boys feel so welcome.
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    We're glad you were able to make the drive! Your crew had quite the camp set up. 😎

    You're talented with those pictures, pretty good shots.

    I appreciate the kind words, until next time.....



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      Very nice pictures 4estTrekker., they transfer spirit of WCS very well.


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        Originally posted by Heavy Duty View Post
        We're glad you were able to make the drive! Your crew had quite the camp set up. 😎
        Yeah, Tom’s Traveling Tipi Town was pretty cushy. We even had a big tarp for the commons area ready to pitch in case of rain. We’re contemplating bringing my ridiculously heavy (and cozy) canvas tent next year. It’s always nice getting dressed standing up. 🥴
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          Wow really impressive photos! I wish I could have made it up there, my daughter had a cross country meet. I have so much to learn and that is part of what is so cool about everything ! I really enjoy learning traditional ways. Along with your photos your craftsmanship appears to be incredible. My photos and my craftsmanship are definitely on a different level…LOL…they get the job done but I am not so sure about posting them. Hopefully I’ll make Winter Camp


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            Great photos looks like a good time for sure.


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              Sorry I couldn't make it this year, but every time I attend the WCS I feel like I am home, with kindred spirits.


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                I live far to the east in central NYS but have always been interested in attending an event like this. Your photos make it all the more tempting. Hopefully in a year the cost of gas will be a bit less so I can drive out and join in on the fun. I'm sure I'd learn a great deal.

                That's all for now. Take care and until next well.