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Roll up stove pipe rings

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  • Roll up stove pipe rings

    I am trying a new stove this year with a roll up pipe. It comes with a fair number of rings and I plan to make a few spare but I would rather avoid losing them.

    What are others experience? Is losing them just not a big problem? I could see them dropping into the snow forever.

    My plan right now is to put them on some sort of clip/caribiner to keep track of the ones not in use. Is there some other strategy I should be considering?

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    I have my spares held together with a little piece of Orange UST Gear Snake.
    Which is a piece of soft tie wire covered in some sort of orange silicone rubber stuff, it keeps them more visible.
    The ones I plan on using I just slip onto the rolled up pipe, which fits inside my current stove.


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      I've found that the rings definitely disappear when you are not looking - sometimes even when you are!
      The only response I've used is similar to what you are already planning timdaman. I, too, use a small carabiner to collect and hold on to the wire rings and one of the circular bands. The only way I have been successful if by being extra careful and focused each time I am handling them. I avoid assembling the pipe in the dark, or when I am cold (and therefore less attentive).
      A few people have added bright tabs to each wire ring. This works so long as you arrange the bright tab to be over the external edge of the rolled pipe metal so that it is suspended over the coolest part of the pipe - otherwise, just as you envision, it'll melt onto your pipe, or burn - neither option is a good one!
      Enjoy your super-light-weight stove pipe!