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WInnerwell Fastfold stove false bottom?

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  • WInnerwell Fastfold stove false bottom?

    Hi, I have noticed that some stoves have a so-called false bottom, ie something resting on the bottom of the stove that the burning wood lays on top of. Is this a good idea? Does it help the stove burn better? Last longer? I just purchased a WInnerwell Fastfold, and given the price would obviously like to make it last as long as possible. I would think that something like a small grate on the bottom of the stove might be a good thing, what do others think? If you have made one, what did you use? I am concerned about using something like folded rabbit wire because of toxic outgassing.... Any experience or advice with this is much appreciated!

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    Folding tent stove is a very convenient device.
    The biggest problem with current folding furnaces is robustness.
    Under high-temperature combustion conditions, some folding tent stoves will deform.
    The deformed tent stove will leak smoke (carbon monoxide)
    Among the tent stoves studied, it was found that most folding titanium stoves on the market are made of 0.5mm titanium plates, which are easily deformed when burned at high temperatures. Among them, only Pomoly T1 Stove is made of 1mm thick titanium plate. Such a tent stove will be strong and durable and can be used for a long time.
    Hope this information is helpful to you


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      Jason if you are going to be a tout for a brand you should note that prior to posting.


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        Steel stoves will burn out over time. Some come with a false bottom or double bottom made of a folded piece of solid steel to prolong a stoves life. I believe your stove is titanium so it shouldn’t burn or rust through. Another type of piece you see on some stoves is a perforated grate that allows ash to fall through and more air to get to the coals. Experiment if you like but I wouldn’t consider any sort of extra bottom essential to extend your stove life.


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          There are holes aplenty in the Fastfold. Run it hot, and it draws nicely. It's not an airtight box stove by any measure. Mine warped day one. No big deal. It still does it's job: offering subtle guidance for 88% of the flames and smoke to go up and out of the tent. I have about 100 hours of burn time with mine. It is finicky, but functional. I see zero real damage to the metal.
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