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Wood stove with Window

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  • Wood stove with Window

    Came across this company not too long ago. They are called Pomoly. The guy makes a wood bushcraft stove out of titanium with a window pane. Looks pretty good.
    We offer a series of titanium tent stoves that camping enthusiasts fall in love with. All our tent stoves are foldable, durable, and lightweight for outdoor cooking and overnight camping. Our stoves are free shipping worldwide.

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    Interesting, thanks for the link.


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      Winnerwell has some stoves with window(s). Look at the Nomad line.


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        GStove also has glass on some of their hot tent stoves.




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          Never put too much thought into a glass window for a wood stove that gets banged around on a toboggan or the like. I like seeing the flicker of the flame just as much as anyone else but the risk outweighs the reward for me.


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            Heavy Duty, I agree. It would really dampen the trip to break a stove window on night one!
            An alternative is a window that is separate from the stove and installs over the front only when the usual door is wide open. Some people have made them out of tempered glass (best), and some make them out of thin mica (not as good, but super lightweight!). This add-on can be wrapped in carved HD etha-foam and loaded/strapped safely wherever it fits. (Etha-foam is what WW kayak pillars are made of)
            As you know, the only thing better than the beautiful heat of a wood stove is having that same heat while watching the flames, too!


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              The link above should take you to the titanium stove Luxe sells. Since it comes apart and can travel in a protective case, this might be the best way to have your cake and eat it too when it comes to having a protected glass door to watch the flames through. It may not be big enough for some folks' shelters but it might be a good compromise for others who wish to watch the flames.

              That's all for now. Take care and until next well.



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                I don't have any experience with this stove, but I've seen and read good things about Pomoly too.