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i need a stove, possible DIY plans

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  • i need a stove, possible DIY plans

    Just to keep my costs down I'm looking into building my own wood stove. Preferably collapsible if possible. If anybody has a good link to instructions I'd appreciate it.

    And, in case I never get to that project, I'd appreciate any input on purchased stoves. I know nothing about them. My current tent is an old canvas Coleman 10x12 with a floor (for volume reference). It doesn't have to be collapsible (although that would be nice), since I'll be hauling all my gear in a sled behind ATV or snowmobile. I've seen prices all over the map. Made of titanium, steel, aluminum, etc.

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    Based on what you have shared I would recommend going with a non-collapsible steel stove. Steel will keep the price down and since you are hauling Gear with a motor weight is not as much of an issue. Non-collapsible stoves are so much easier to deal with in the field with cold hands. I would always recommend them unless you are trying to fit it into a backpack and using a roll-up chimney.

    Whether you build one or buy one is up to you. I enjoy making stuff so I’ve made a few. Sorry, no plans or photos to share. Pretty basic though.. If you have any experience metal working you can pretty much look and one and reproduce it. It might not be pretty but any metal box will do the job. I would say at least 12”x12”x18” for that size tent.


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      I would start here:
      Or here:


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