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Which Four Dog TI stove for 9x11.5 Basecamp Snowtrekker?

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  • Which Four Dog TI stove for 9x11.5 Basecamp Snowtrekker?

    Which four dog titanium stove would be best suited for my 9x11.5 Basecamp model Snowtrekker? I currently use a Kni-Co Alaskan Jr. It's not nearly as air tight, I'm wanting something that will allow my wood to burn a bit longer.


    I'm torn between the Four Dog Ultralight 1 or UL 2.

    here's the link of those stoves-

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    I would recommend the larger stove, the 2, you do not loose much room in the tent, and it will accept larger pieces. When weight is negligible, i carry the larger.



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      I had similar questions when I bought my Four Dog Ti last fall for my 8x10 Snowtrekker Crew, and Don assured me that either stove would heat that tent just fine. I hemmed and hawed a bit more and he suggested a "short box" version of the larger stove, which is not listed on his site. That's what I ended up getting, and I like it a lot -- it has the dimensions of the UL2 but is only 20" long overall.

      I thinkLonelake's advice is sound, though. The UL2 would give you a bit more capacity and a bit more burn time. Better to err on the side of too large than too small, when it comes to heating your tent! And the weight difference is negligible, in the scheme of things that matter.

      Whichever stove you order from Don, let me suggest that you order it now. His stoves are amazing but his lead times can be... long.

      (first burn)


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        Now that's an image I can get used to!!!

        Were you able to get a custom length shelf for that stove as well?


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          Yes, the stove came with one side shelf. You can order a second shelf but I opted not to.


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            Originally posted by Hamingredient View Post
            Yes, the stove came with one side shelf. You can order a second shelf but I opted not to.
            good to know! Thanks!


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              Found a pic of the stove w/ shelf...


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                looks like it fits in the corner of that snowtrekker just right.


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                  Not sure if you're still looking into this, but my 'multi-person' setup is exactly that tent, with the Four Dog Ultra Light II. I wouldn't want anything smaller - it works really well as-is. I burn throughout the night, fwiw. I also tend to run my stove in any tent closer to the middle of the tent (if possible) rather than the corner, for a few reasons.


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                    I have a Four Dog Ultra Light I for my 8x10 Snowtrekker. I installed a fibreglass rope gasket around the mitred opening, which the hinged door covers. I also smeared some gasket sealer over the rope gasket. This has greatly increased the airtightness of my stove. I can keep it burning all night long, if I choose to.


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                      Here is a pic of the gasket, which I mentioned before. You may notice that my stove has a different door. It hinges downward, and has latches on either side. Don was perhaps feeling experimental and generous when he sent me my stove. This was agreed upon in advance. If you happen to convince him to do this for you, you need to be careful and let the door down slowly when you open it. If you just let it fall with gravity, you may run the risk of overextending the hinges.