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    Lou and Bothwell, Thank you so much for the ideas and input!


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      I have used my tapered chimney as a centre pole supporting a tarp for quite a few years. I started out with 3” but found out that 2” gets the smoke out just fine if I do not overload my little cookstove.
      The stove hangs on the stove to chimney coupler at the side of the chimney to the side of the stove.
      The bottom draft is not restricted. The temperature of my cooktop is regulated by the amount and size of wood fed into the firebox from a feed chute.
      The other support for the near square tarp is one or 2 poles for each person sitting in the corner of a 2 or 4 person tarp pitch.
      The two 20” tapered sections are sized to fit one into the other for travel or to couple together fitting tight in the first 2” having a stop to keep the joint from getting to tight.
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        Another hose clamp copycat. I riveted three articulating D rings to it and also a couple springs to accommodate wind. No idea if that's necessary but it allows me to tighten the lines snugly. Click image for larger version

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          I use small eyelet screw that are inserted into holes drilled where pipes connect. Then guylines attached to peak and ground. Super stable, no poles.

          Seen here.