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  • Big Bill Wool Pants

    For any Canadians looking for wool pants, have 10% off and free shipping.

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    Hey BV hope all is well. Love the bags you made for me years ago. Come February they will get used again.
    Have a Big Bills question if maybe you can help.
    few years ago I ordered one size up. Now I lost weight and they are 2 sizes up. So do I have them taken in or wash in cold water and air dry to shrink? They cost me to much $ because I returned them and paid a restocking fee because I ordered them way to big. Yea my fault.
    just wondering if you might have an idea.
    thanks Coldfeet


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      Hi there CF
      not a problem I have encountered. For me it’s the other way round I have two pairs of Cabelas wool pants that are too snug. I’d like to think they have shrunk but unfortunately I think it’s the other way around.


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        I was looking for a good belt for my big waist and found this website, they have explain it quite well