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    If I remember correctly Kaifus used a large split keyring and 4 of the Eureka style pins to support a 12mm pole along each corner. A lightweight version of the standard Antarctic tent frame.


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      I sewed this tent last year. It is based on the tent the Conovers used in their trans-Canada trip. Made from 100% cotton pillow ticking at about 4.5 oz./yd.


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        I notice most of the people here favour hot camping. While I lack the opportunity to get out to Scandinavia more than once every couple of years, the major constraint is always the amount of baggage I can fly with which has so far led me towards cold camping and I think I actually prefer that.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	Cold-Camping-under-the-Northern-Lights1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	193.6 KB ID:	2684
        I spent most of my first trip working out of an improvised Quinzhee cut into a mound of snow piled up on a trail head car park ( Long Story ) and I found that not making transitions from cold to heated environments was actually quite convenient. I had a spirit stove and a fire for cooking and making snowball soup so all I had to do was brush any loose snow off before approaching the fire.

        Later on that trip I was using a cotton tarp which worked OK but as we moved into a freeze thaw cycle, ended up encrusted with ice which proved a problem packing for the return flights.

        I like the open view that a tarp offers, it can be closed down in bad weather of course but as a photographer it means I can keep an eye on the sky conditions for aurora.

        This led me to move towards plastic builders tarps which, while not being very glamorous, at least do not absorb water and are cheap enough to discard before the flight home. It's easy to find a new home for such a tarp in rural communities and that leaves more baggage allowance for bringing interesting stuff home.

        This approach has evolved into the latest incarnation "The Wayland Snow Shed" which will be tested on my next planned trip to Finland in February.

        The arrangement has been tested in temperate conditions of course but not under proper snow conditions yet. The plan is to combine snow building with the prefabricated plastic tarp construction, guying off to trees and benefiting from their shelter too. Time will tell but hopefully this will be my working set up for some time to come.

        A different approach perhaps but an interesting experiment.
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          Wayland, I am pleased you are a member of this forum. I came across your blog Ravenlore, many years ago and read almost everything there. My favorite thing I came across was the explanation of The Kochanski Flip Flop Winch. I wish I was in Scotland to go out camping with you.

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        Hi Minnesotian

        Nice to know someone is out there reading stuff.

        I'm planning a Winter trip to Finland next February so hopefully I'll have something new to write about soon. That will end up on my Ice-Raven site but I'll post up here as well.

        It's sad that Mors has taken the final trail now, he was quite a character and a deep well of knowledge. Great loss.