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Stove pipe support / retainers.

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  • Stove pipe support / retainers.

    Pls share pics / diagrams of your approach to stabilizing and connecting nested stovepipe sections. I remember seeing an annular device at WCS that held the pipes and sent three wires to tent corners and one pole top (i think) as a triangular support but for the life of me cannot remember how it was done. Also interested in approaches for ensuring nesting pipes stay together. Thank you!

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    Here what I came up with on my most recent tent conversion. It consists of a large hose clamp, small binder, p cord and line tensioners. The lower rope is a guy out right where I put the chimney so I added metal cable that hugs the chimney giving it more support.


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      my pipes are conventional, not nested, but I just use a length of light cable with spring clamps on the ends- clamp one side to the tent edge near the peak, wrap around the pipe, and clamp the other near the wall, the weight of the pipe anchors it in place.


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        Mine consists of a stainless clamp, 3 harness rings and some pieces of galvanized plumbers strap. One line goes to each end of my Snowtrekker tent, where there are tie off rings. The 3rd line goes straight to the ground directly under the stove pipe. This photo shows a similar design to mine.