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  • Hi Vis tent?

    Howdy all,

    Let me put this to the crowd:

    I want to spend time camping and fishing on busy local lakes this coming winter. My normal ethos says stay low key. The high volume of motorized traffic (day and night) gives me pause.

    I'm going to build a hi-vis tent to stick out on the snow. Aside from brighter colors, what would you, the winter camping populace, suggest to help a shelter not get creamed by hooligans?

    Imagine this, but with a tiny 1/2 fly on the top in orange, instead of the full coverage one.
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    The nighttime snowmobile traffic is what I'd be most concerned about. Maybe put some of those driveway reflector stakes around the perimeter of your camp, and also add some sort of light or beacon to the mix. LED lights have gotten so bright, efficient and cheap, you could probably hang a few of them off your tent and run them all night.


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      Can you build some Reflective materials into the tent? Some built in rope lights would be pretty cool as well. I'm sure you biggest issue would be a night in a snow storm.


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        I second the sew in reflective fabric, similar to a pop up ice shanty. I'm excited to see what you come up with!😀


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          Click image for larger version

Name:	bt2.jpg
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ID:	448 Dis one came out loud. Olive yellow under white.
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            Originally posted by empirecanvas View Post
            ...Perhaps a white tent, and two different colored tent flies. One white, and one orange/w. reflective piping....
            Subtle, yet safe. Suits you. Looking forward to seeing it!



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              Reflective fabric where you can and the high visibility guide lines would be helpful I think. I have the high visibility lines on my backpacking tarp and all you need is a brief glimmer of light on the line to find it in the middle of the night.

              That's all for now. Best of luck in making your new shelter. Take care and until next well.



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                I few years back I did some trips on lakes with snowmobile traffic and had the same concern. I took small strips of reflective material and sewed on some velcro tabs making reflective “tags” that can be hung all over an existing tent. I’ve also used them to mark non-reflective guy ropes and try to prevent trips at busy camp sites like the WCS.


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                  Reflective flagging tape is cheap and easy, I have switched out my lines on the Snowtrekker to Lawson Glowire great for stopping me tripping over the tie outs at night. You could make up some "prayer flag washing lines that fix to the top of the tent and tie out in all four directions, just sew some triangles of hi viz nylon around the lines to improve daytime visibilty


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                    If those "hooligans" are on motorised transport and travelling fast then I'm going to suggest a tallish flag pole with a brightly coloured flag on it, Bi-coloured because we see the difference more quickly, orange and hot pink and surrounded by retro reflective tape, even using safety tape on the flag pole. You can see the flag on a pole from further away. Like BVs idea but taller.
                    I have a small pole and flag on my pulk set-up for similar reasons


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                      I'd suggest camping tucked back in the woods if possible. All the vis available will go unnoticed by an inebriated "hooligan" on a snow machine. A nice line of trees is a good defense.