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My 2nd Hot Tent Build

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  • My 2nd Hot Tent Build

    I jumped into hot tenting last winter, and while I enjoy "car camping", my goal all along has to get further into the BWCA. My BWCA trip last winter proved that while my first hot tent works great, lighter and smaller would be better. This summer I picked up an old Scout Shop tent with intentions to make it a hot tent. It has a nice slope on the roof, ample but not too many tie outs, and packs up relatively small. I also picked up a new stove this fall, a Four Dog modified Knico Alaskan. I have Don's Mule #001. That is exciting in it's own. Attached are photos of my latest build. I still have some canvas trimming and sewing, but I burned in my pipe elbow at least yesterday.

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    Good job on installing the stove jack into this tent. With the stove pipe angled like that it will require a bipod for some eternal support. Otherwise it will cause problems in windy and heavy wet snow conditions.




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      That's awesome! Summer Canvas tents make good winter tents will little work. I dig the layout of that tent. Cool mod, thanks for sharing.


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        Yes, trekkable for sure! Love the older modified canvas tents. Hope to see it on a backcountry lake this Winter!