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The evolution of laziness

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  • The evolution of laziness

    Way back in the day, I winter camped in regular prospector tents, and we used a seven or 9 pole set up. When I got back into it, I bought an Atuk Kanguk, good tent, but hard to get a good set. So eventually I bit the bullet and bought the Snowtrekker. A few years ago the ticker acted up, so I started using a skidoo to get into the woods. I was having trouble processing wood too, used o tucker me right out, so I bought a Nuway propane stove. This is a neat little stove that vents to the outside like a wood stove, avoiding the moisture and CO associated with propane heat.

    That's my Nuway in my Snowtrekker.
    I found the Nuway was only good to about -5 C in the Snowtrekker, and it burned a ton of gas, but it was still pretty awesome.
    Last year I got a cheap 3 man pop up Ice fishing shelter. The windows velcro on, so I took one out, traced it onto a piece of aluminium, and velcroed it back in with a 3 inch hole for my propane burner.

    The little stove heated that sucker up really quick, on the low setting.
    So this year I did some research on pop up ice shelters. They have come a long way. I ordered the Eskimo Outbreak 650, a large insulated pop up. No good if man hauling, but fine for skidooing or car camping. I'm going to make two aluminium inserts, one for the propane stove, one for the wood stove. It will be the ultimate lazy man set up. I'll post pics when I get it operational if anyone is interested in alternate winter shelters.

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    This is a pretty sweet set up to still get you out there. Right on!



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      This is really a great solution in many ways. Way to get creative to stay outdoors in the winter! Thanks for sharing.


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        I've been waiting for somebody to jump on the propane stove ship.

        I read above that you feel the stove is only good to around you think that's the reason why they haven't caught on? The idea that the wood stove heats better in the frigid temperatures?
        For the cost, there really is something to the vented propane stoves.

        Is the Nuway you have, the biggest one?