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  • Center Pole hangers

    For those that use a tent with a center pole, what/how do you hang gear from it? I’ve seen some hangers advertised by Cabela’s and was wondering if anyone has any feedback or insight on something else. Thanks in advance.

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    Here's one way, Gunny: we made a small cloth sack to hang upside-down over the top end of the center pole. I often forget to install the sack on top of the pole while pitching the tent! That sack has a cord sewn to it which is now hanging down from it with metal hooks attached to the cord. We wrap the cord around the pole such that the 3 hooks end up on different sides and different heights of the upper portion of the pole. Easy ... if you remember to install the sack while placing the pole the first time!


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      I don't have center pole, or have I ever used one, but my first thought was a small fernco coupler with hooks on it.
      But Undersky's cloth sack idea would be a little lighter.


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        It is tricky to describe but I will try.

        My center pool has a "step" near the top so it is easy to keep what I attach from sliding down. If you don't have such a luxury you can make one (band clamp, screw head, etc) or loop whatever you make over the top.
        Next, I have a loop of rope, probably started around 1.5-2 meter/yard. It is tied into a big loop. Around this loop I have overhand knots on bights tied every 6-8 inches. My loops are about 3-4" across.
        I take one end of the large loop and girth hitch just above the "step" on my pole.
        What I end up with is moderate sized loops every few inches going about half way down my center pole.

        I push my gloves, hat, and any other clothing through the smaller loops to hang them. The smaller loop sizes makes for a snug fit so nothing falls out. I also have a caribiner on one to the upper loops which I can clip into loops on garments, for example shirt tags.

        I don't have a good picture of it but you can see the bottom of the rope (there is a small thermometer attached) as well as the jacket hanging from it(it is attached above the area of the photo).