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    I have a fair amount of time using these skis while on active duty. I’m currently using a pair of Madshus Glittertind which I really like but I’d like something a little wider to help with floatation. My questions are these: 1. How do you fill the holes as these skis come pre-drilled for the NATO 120 binding. 2. Has anyone used them with the Black Diamond kicker skin? I’ve used them with full length skins, but this was in the Sierras on mountain packed snow, climbing and traversing the slopes. If I purchase them I’d pair them with either the Voile 3 pin cable or HD Mountaineer. The price is right though, I think I saw them on Coleman’s website for $25 or $30. Thanks

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    I’ve never used these skis but I have remounted many pairs of skis with different bindings, downhill and cross country. I always just fill the old holes flush with epoxy and drill new holes. Never caused a problem.


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      I started on skis my Finnish grandfather made with toe strap bindings. Since then I've owned more pair of cross country and backcountry skis than I can recall at the moment.
      I succumbed to the lure of these yesterday after seeing a review elsewhere, and I ordered a couple pair that will arrive here this week. I'm putting Rottefella Super Telemarks on one pair and Ramer military cable bindings on the other. (Yes, there will be bunny boots involved with the latter.) This is all because I am a strict adherent to Ek's Laws of Nivean Locomotion:
      1. Never walk when you can snowshoe.
      2. Never snowshoe when you can ski.
      3. Never carry something when you can drag it behind you.
      4. Never drag something behind you when you can get one or more dogs to do that for you.
      These will be used for winter camping and hunting, with boot choice dictated by the weather. We currently lack enough snow for testing, but I will come back with a report when I can.
      And the advice from Snowbound is spot on.


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        I am using Black Diamond on my skis, they ok for helping me to pull sled, but on ascent hills so-so. they not full length and wide Click image for larger version

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