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Face covering while sleeping in cold temperatures

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  • Face covering while sleeping in cold temperatures

    What are people using as a comfortable face covering when sleeping in the cold ( lower than - 25C or -14F) ??

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    I have a long “watch cap beanie” hat. When it is real cold I roll it down over my eyes and to the tip of my nose leaving the nostrils and mouth open and free of condensation.


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      Ski mask for me..


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        When it is real cold, I will use my parka as a pillow and flip the hood over my sleeping bag and breath out of the fur ruff. Keeps air flow down and lets the condensation out. Neck gaiter, beanie and beard otherwise.


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          I'm pretty fortunate that my face doesn't get uncomfortable until it gets truly cold. The couple of nights that does happen (-15 F or lower), I just burrow down into my sleeping bag; and yup...I know you're not supposed to do that 🤫

          That's all for now. Take care and until next well.



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            Hey Snapper, I did the burrowing down thing in a dble bag system on a cold night a few years ago - it was the last night of the trip so I figured the extra humidity in the bag could be dried out at home. It certainly dried out easily .... all 650 grams of extra moisture dried out of it!

            Similar to you, MRaske, and you, Snowbound, my best solution has been a beanie, a neck tube pulled over the top and down to just over the nose, and another neck tube pulled up to just over my mouth. Breath goes through the nose easily, and does get the lower neck tube a little damp and frosty, but at least the melting "nostricles" don't wake me up when I change position throughout the night!

            AwBrown, do you use a x-c ski mask, or are you referring to goggles? Thanks.

            I appreciate your replies!


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              Being in a Hammock I bought my winter quilts to be longer than needed so as to wrap around my head and leave a small breath hole. Yes the quilt(s) in that area frost up but nothing the hot tent can"t dry out by day. Cold camping I would really have to re-evaluate


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                I attach a narrow strip of polar fleece, about 50 cm wide and as long as the bag is wide, across the top of the bag with velcro tabs. I can put that over my head and breath under it without getting the bag wet. It is infinitely adjustable and easy to get just the right amount of ventilation. Polar fleece is very nice to sleep under because it is so porous.



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                  I've only had to do it a couple of times because I don't really feel the cold on my face, but once, at -40, I just draped a microfibre towel over my face, and another time I used a fleece shirt...


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                    Thank you for these suggestions, everyone.
                    We have the snow, so now we just need the cold weather so as to try them out!