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    Looks like there is another option available for a packable winter mat

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    Nice! I had to settle on the Pariah Recharge Insulated XL pad paired with a Z-Rest to get to a solid winter R value. I really like the combo, but it’s bulky for backpacking hot tenting. Not so much a worry with the toboggan. I think we’ll see more 6+ R value pads on the market…I hope.


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      Have a look at Klymit. I got one on recommendation of two Sherpas.


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        Never got on with the lighter weight Klymits that I tried. Found them not thick enough for side sleeping and a little cold. Maybe the beefier versions would be better? A great event for a future WCS would the an opportunity to try out different mats, even if just for a few minutes. Could some idea of comfort even if not insulation value.


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          Cool idea for sure. I've had similar experience with my Klymit Insulated Static V. I've used it for years, and found it especially comfortable in my bridge hammock. But as a side sleeper, it was always a little underwhelming on the ground and not as warm as I had hoped. They did recently update the "reality" of the R-Value for their pads, if I recall correctly. I'm always suspect of a pad that relies on down to loft into the voids of a pad UNDERNEATH me. Especially no bueno when using a topquilt. Nonetheless, it's been a solid pad and I've never had a miserable night on it. Paired with a Z-Rest or similar CCF pad, I've been roasty toasty. My biggest gripe was probably the valve. I have the older style, which they've sense updated.

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        My system is a military ccf, the Klymit, Canadian Army wool blanket, then my US military MSS, another wool blanket, then on top is my 4 point Early’s of Witney wool Trapper blanket. The Klymit has been good for about 10 years now, which to me is pretty exceptional. Previous was a Thermarest. Sometimes I will throw in a second ccf, and bring along some of that white sound deadening material used under hardwood floors.