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Summer toboggan or pulk training

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  • Summer toboggan or pulk training

    I live in an area where pulling a toboggan in deep snow isn't usually an option prior to my winter trips to the BWCA. What would you recommend for training without much snow? I'm tired of being so sore the first couple of days.

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    I just carry extra ibuprofen.

    Actually, I've been thinking about the same thing. It would be nice to be in better shape for this stuff, and now seems like the right time to start! It seems to me that tire pulling / tire dragging would be the closest approximation to toboggan hauling, and pretty easy to get into if you don't mind some puzzled looks from your neighbors... I haven't quite mustered the courage to try it, yet.

    There's a DIY guide and video on this page.


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      I spent a great deal of time at the gym last winter prior to my biggest trip, nothing serious just cardio and the stair machines. Ill tell you it helped a lot. Don't get me wrong.. I still used lots of ibuprofen lol, but i was in much better shape then some and felt a lot better then I would have.

      I think if I was going to do it again I would add a weighted vest to the work out. I used one when I played rugby a lifetime ago it also adds to the difficulty of the work out. Cross Fit would also have some serious benefits for this.

      For me the problem has never been how much I can pull, its been how long can i do it for. Cardio alone does the trip for me.


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        Thanks for the links! That's what I've done in the past, have a pile of ibuprofen on hand, just tired of being so tired.

        Ray1984 I agree, there is no replacement for a good cardio regiment!


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          I second going to the gym. As middle age set in I was disappointed that I couldn’t enjoy my favorite activities the same way I wanted to. In anticipation of an ambitious trip with an athletic friend two years ago I started going to the gym and got hooked. The pay off is noticeable. General fitness really helps for pulling toboggans. Our last two trips we’ve been averaging 10 mile days. I just finished my first marathon partly for the challenge and partly to stay in shape for lifelong winter trekking.


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            I am lucky enough to work in an industry that keeps me moving all Summer long. I do find that leg work outs, pulling tires, as well as backpacking helps in the "off" season.