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Laminated Wood Side Toboggans

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  • Laminated Wood Side Toboggans

    I have several toboggans but just can’t stop building. I took a few photos to share during a recent build. New with this latest batch is I used 3/16” (0.090) hdpe to save weight. Also, I changed the way I attach the strap to sandwiching them between the plastic and wood by cutting recessed notches. 15.5" wide, 96" long, 1 5/8" high. ~9 pounds.

    The form.

    New streamlined strap attachment.

    In case I need to outfit a small army of winter trekkers...
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    The key to any great sandwich is the condiment(s)!

    What’d you use?


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      Those are really pretty. For a moment I thought you were selling them and was feeling thankful that a closed border meant I had no chance of buying one.


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        I assume the condiment question refer to the materials used? I’ve used several different woods but have settled on basswood, ash and cedar - a good mix of colors, weight and strength and are easily available. The glue is Tight Bond III.


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          Yes, thanks for the sandwich breakdown!

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        Those look fantastic!


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          Here is a specimen pictured in it’s native habitat. Click image for larger version  Name:	0CA90B9F-5871-4145-98C5-29ED204F22AB.jpeg Views:	8 Size:	452.3 KB ID:	1071
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            Gosh, that's a good looking toboggan! Nicely done!


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              How much flex is there in the front curl? I have been known on the odd occasion to lose control on the downhills and my toboggan has made close acquaintance with a tree or two. Can it withstand a collision?


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                I was advertising and selling these locally for a while so I did quite a bit of product testing (intentional abuse) so I could honestly represent them to buyers and to test the limits as I’ve made them lighter and lighter. They’ve survived all the intentional rock and tree hits as well as the normal wear and tear I give them on a trip. One I loaned out did break. I don’t know the exact circumstances of the collision. It was one I had shaved the wood down to the absolute minimum weight (1/2” x 1 1/2” cedar only) so I think it was just under built. I also broke one sledding down hill with my whole family - dumb idea but I had to try. Normally I ride on or walk behind my toboggan down the portage hills and try to at least slow it down before it hits something.


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                  I predict that while the rigidity provided by the side rails is not a help when colliding with trees, it would reduce sliding friction to some degree. Kind of the opposite to the concept of a snowmobile track with sliders versus one with bogey suspension.

                  And it looks great Snowbound.


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                    As usual, Snowbound makes some killer gear. Looking good my friend!