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Wood stove ovens and baking setups

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  • Wood stove ovens and baking setups

    I'm looking for something to bake with while car camping with my nieces and nephews in the winter. They love cinnamon rolls and cookies, etc. Please share your wood stove oven/baking setups!


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    Over the years, I have tried several methods. My current "go to" baking system is a Four Dog reflector oven mounted on the side of the stove. One suggestion for reflector oven baking is to make sure the bottom of the oven is as high as possible on the side of the stove. The lower it mounts on the side of the stove, the less heat for browning the bottoms of whatever you are cooking. Click image for larger version

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    The other "somewhat successful" series of experiments involved making lightweight, collapsible box type ovens which sit on top off the stove. Advantages are that they are great for large baking sheets and the ability to put a thermometer in the top to measure temperatures. If the temp gets too high, simply move the top to create an opening allowing the heat to dissipate. The main disadvantage is that the surface of the stove is not accessible for other pots and pans.
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      Thanks MizMoosie!!! those are some great ideas.


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        I want to experiment with the Coleman camp oven. First mod will be a insulating jacket for it to hold the heat in.
        But am curious on ideas out there


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          The Bemco backpacker’s oven is pretty much the gold standard of stove top ovens. Available in a couple of sizes, I think we have the larger of the two but I still had to make my own mini cookie sheets to fit the shelves. Very good results for all the usual baked goods. We have found that using it without the heat deflector shelf (intended for using with a gas burner) gives much better results.
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            They're all pizza ovens.....Wood fired!Click image for larger version

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