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  • Sharpening file / stone / ?? of choice to carry

    Looking for a sharpening device to carry. GB has a diamond file that has good reviews, hoping to find something a little less expensive. Are there any "go-to" tools for this? Appreciate it

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    For my axe sharpening needs, I use the Lansky puck. It is a circular stone with a different grit on each side. It can be used to touch up my knife blade if the need arises, but I don't baton wood with my knife. I have an axe for splitting purposes.




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      Here’s the components I mix and match for my field sharpening kit, which I use to tend both my axes and knives. The larger leather case is for longer trips or when I’m tending to the group and contains:

      1) DIY collapsible ceramic rod sharpener that that tucks away into a length of brass rod and is secured with a length of exercise band tubing. This handles all my sharpening needs, both for knives and axes, unless I have to reset a nicked or badly worn edge.

      2) DIY leather field strop, which is simply a small bit of leather glued to a piece of fishtail oak. I use this more than anything else in my kit.

      4) Cotton webbing that I also use for stropping.

      5) Small brass vile of honing oil

      6) Sharpal course diamond stone (with integrated finger loop and signal mirror). This is excellent for axe edges and works similar to the pucks, but at a fraction of the size and weight. I also use this to reset badly worn edges and fix nicks in axe blades afield. This is more of a worst-case-scenario piece of kit that’s a touch overkill, but it’s very small.

      For lighter weight or shorter trips, I carry just the ceramic rod, the canvas webbing, and the folding medium diamond sharpener that I glued a piece of leather to the back of for stropping. I generally carry that in the smaller leather case or a dirty bag. For ultralight trips, I sharpen my knife on my gritty stubbornness alone.
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