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  • Finnish Puukko

    I have a couple of new puukko for sale. I ordered a selection direct from Finland, unsure of which I preferred and have decided to pass these two on. I have way too many knives and several puuko already
    One is a Marttiini Arctic Carver, 3.5 inch carbon steel blade, 8 inches overall. It has a dark waxed handle. Asking Cdn$50 for this

    Marttiini Carver
    The second is a Paaso Puukot "Raita" with a laminated wood hand and a 3 inch handle. Asking Cdn$60 for this one.

    Paaso Puukot
    Happy to ship anywhere though insured shipping from Manitoba across the border may be expensive.

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    Boy, that Marrttini is tempting. That’s my favorite size for a puukko. Wish that pesky border wasn’t in the way.


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      One of the knives I decided to keep was the brother of that Marttini, only with a plain curly birch handle and pale sheath. It’s had a lot of use already!