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The Last Revel will also be returning on stage Saturday:

Consisting of three members, The Last Revel uses traditional folk-minded three part harmonies with honest and meaningful lyrics to deliver a passionate and soul stirring performance. On a backbone of rebellious rock attitude and raw traditional instrumentation, they pride themselves on an unrelenting work ethic and a deep hunger to write, perform, and entertain.





The purpose of the Winter Camping Symposium is to educate, collaborate and celebrate everything Winter!  Winter campers and enthusiasts from around the region come together to share ideas and show off new creations which aid in the adventures of winter outdoor activities.  From cold camping to hot camping, from kite sailing to building your own stove, from arctic adventures to sleeping in a quinzee in the backyard, from gear swaps to a chili feed, this event covers it all!  Join us for a long weekend of camaraderie and exploration!